Valley Christian Schools choose Darcy to reopen safely.

Valley Christian Schools are using Darcy across 3 campuses and 12 grades to ensure a safe environment for faculty and students 

In an effort to reopen their schools safely, Valley Christian has deployed Darcy™, a state-of-the-art AI-powered system to help ensure all students, faculty and visitors are in good health, wearing masks, and do not have a fever.

Valley Christian selected Darcy for its ability to check students and faculty in seconds by simultaneously screening the required daily health questionnaire, checking for masks, and taking their temperature. The goal being safety of everyone on campus, while ensuring no lines form to maximize social distancing. Additionally, Darcy also monitors passersby for masks and fevers anonymously throughout the day, alerting appropriate administrators immediately if a problem is spotted.

While most schools in California are still closed, the state granted Valley Christian a waiver to open by demonstrating it's commitment to safety and taking a holistic approach. Valley Christian has always employed cutting edge technologies such as Darcy, to provide the best education and care to their faculty and students.

  • 15 Darcy cameras
  • 400 student/staff daily checkins
  • Over 7,000 visitors scanned
  • 12 grades from elementary through high school
  • 17 people reported not feeling well remotely and stayed home

“The Darcy system has been super easy… It’s been very useful to getting our school reopened… our teachers and staff are happy we are taking the steps to keep our campus safe”
-  Todd Baldwin: Director of Operations, Valley Christian Schools

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