Installation and usage requirements

Wifi Network Access
Standard 110V power
Desktop computer, smartphone or tablet


Camera can be placed on a table, mounted to the wall at ceiling height or used with a standard camera tripod. Simply connect to your wifi network and plug into a wall outlet. Access the live camera feed, alerts and reports with our web app using any smart phone, desktop computer or tablet.


Check-in Mode: Customers are checked for elevated temperature and masks (optional) as they approach the camera one at a time. If FastPass is enabled, they can present a QR code on their phone after previously completeing a simple daily symptom checker form in the FastPass mobile app.

Passby Mode: Mount the camera at ceiling height in a hallway or passthrough areas to scan all people walking by.

In either mode, if an elevated fever or no mask is detected, receive an SMS or email and an alert will be shown in the web app dashboard.    


128 GB on camera
Working Distance
Measurement Time
1-3 seconds (based on mode)
Field of View
39.6° Horizontal
USB-C, 110V AC
802.11, 2.4ghz and 5ghz
Standard 3.5mm headphone jack / HDMI
Tabletop, wall mount or standard tripod mount
Fast Pass
iOS, Andriod and Web support